EDUCATINGHER07 - Managing Your Financial Coins in College

Aug 30, 2016, 01:00 PM

Welcome to another edition of EducatingHer.   Alright girlienation. EducatingHer means myself and invited guests are educating one female college freshman at a time with college life must haves.   What makes me different. It’s the stuff no one tells you or reinforces how you become a successful student. Think of it as the after-the-fact stuff you wish someone told you during your first year of college or maybe you didn’t listen and this is a refresher or make up class. It’s about making someone else’s college experience better than yours and minimizing the mistakes.   Maybe you’re the first to go to college, parent(s) didn't go to college, maybe Grandma raised you and she didn’t have the answers, or you don’t have a strong relationship with your parents. Sound familiar? During this series you’re gonna receive actionable easy breezy 1–2–3 steps to start using now in preparation of future internships, graduation, and career.    This series is for women by women (and men too).  Learn to celebrate their vulnerabilities and embarrassment even if it sounds like 50 shades of cray cray.   5 things you’re gonna hear in the episode:   If you’re black,  you don’t need financial aid coins Types of scholarships Credit card scheme Staying on your stuff Money lessons for every Freshman   RESOURCES - Mention the Keep it 100 girl podcast to get your free 30 minute consult for both undergrad and graduate scholarship advice and coaching.   FREE Download of today's money lessons tips and advice and scholarships visit     KEEP IT 100 GIRLBOOTCAMP   Keep it 100 Camp will feature the following: Get it Girl Initiative: The keep it 100 toolbox  First Timer: There's a difference between theory and practice. Forget theory  Millennial Mid-Life Crisis Mother Daughter Retreats Visit and see which workshop is the right fit for you.      Suggested Tweets   Don’t miss “EDUCATINGHER,” @ninababel new podcast series about educating female college freshmen attending #HBCU20 schools this Fall 2016 @ninababel launches a new #podcast series about the stuff no one tells Freshmen from Day 1 and beyond  @ninababel launches a new #podcast series about the stuff you wish someone told your Freshmen younger self #hbcuradio   ABOUT NINA About the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast Based in Washington, DC, USA, the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast serves listeners interested in self-help. Keep it 100 means keeping the conversation 100% true. No filters. I keep it real and true. Hosted by Nina Babel, the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast is released on a weekly basis and is available for subscription at Apple iTunes or Android Stitcher.  And if you haven't grabbed a copy of my free eBook, The EducatingHer Guide to Her First Year in College, you're going to want to check that out. In it, myself and featured guests share tips and advice on the topics you wish you knew as a Freshman and what they learned through the process. Women share their real life personal experiences no matter if it's embarrassing or super cray cray. Visit  More information, contact Nina Babel at 240-232-2928 or visit the official website: or