08/30/2016 The Tony D Show Hour 1

Aug 30, 2016, 07:25 PM

Tony Desiere begins the show previewing the Minnesota Vikings as part of his daily NFL preview segments. He transitions into the news of the Denver Broncos shopping Mark Sanchez to the Dallas Cowboys and whether if the move makes sense for the Cowboys. Tony would say no even for a bottom basement price because he can’t sell it and knows he has to sell it. Desiere discusses how there are multiple angles the media uses to tell the Colin Kaepernick story, and how if Kaepernick tried to use the discrimination angle on why the San Francisco 49ers will cut him its not going to work because majority of decisions teams make are football related. He goes on to discuss Kaepernick can be released for a variety of reasons but not for discrimination. The Minnesota Vikings’ beat reporter Matt Vensel joins the show to discuss the Vikings’ outlook of the season. #MinnesotaVikings #ColinKaepernick #Mark Sanchez #DallasCowboys #SanFrancisco49ers