Denny’s Introduces Newly Enhanced Website and Mobile Application

Sep 01, 2016, 04:46 PM

The following podcast was recorded for use by customers of Minnesota’s State Services for the Blind. You can get more information about State Services for the Blind and the services it offers by going to www (dot) mnssb (dot) org. (music) Denny’s Introduces Newly Enhanced Website and Mobile Application

Upgraded Platforms Offer Enhanced Accessibility and Functionality for All Users 
SPARTANBURG, S.C., January 6, 2016 - Denny's Corporation (NASDAQ: DENN), franchisor and operator of one of America's largest franchised full-service restaurant chains, today announced its newly upgraded website and mobile application offering an enhanced user experience and greater accessibility for all consumers. Denny’s web site (link is external) and mobile application (link is external) have been redesigned to meet new guidelines issued by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), making each platform available to, and usable by, all patrons, including those with disabilities.
“We congratulate Denny’s on upgrading its mobile app and website and making them accessible to all customers,” said Kim Charlson, President of the American Council of the Blind (ACB). “Our members value Denny’s pricing, food and service and applaud the company on recognizing the diversity of its customer base.”
Denny’s worked with the ACB and consumers with visual disabilities to gain functionality feedback that would impact the improved website and mobile application.  Using critical user response, Denny’s was able to tailor the functions of each platform to ensure they are readily accessible and useable without assistance.
“The recent updates to our website and mobile application are designed to offer enhanced functionality so that all of our guests can have access to Denny’s wherever they are,” said Erik Jensen, Sr. Director Brand Engagement at Denny’s. “Both of these platforms are designed to enable us to engage with our consumers even when they’re not in our restaurants, so it was crucial that this applied to all users, whatever their needs or requirements may be.”
Lisa Irving, a long time Denny’s patron in Southern California, was involved in the effort. “I appreciate improvements the company has made to its website and mobile app,” says Irving. “As a result of Denny's upgrades I am now able to read the menu without assistance and to make healthy choices, something I really value.”
The guidelines issued by the WAI are designed to keep the aesthetic nature of the content intact, while ensuring that the information is readily accessible to persons with visual and other disabilities. The implemented guidelines are of particular benefit to visually impaired computer and mobile app users who rely on screen reader voice output or magnification technology and who, like others, rely on a keyboard instead of a mouse for computer navigation.