#084 - The #1 reason why you're not winning as much as you could be

Sep 05, 2016, 12:01 PM

Are you winning?

In sports, winning and losing is a black and white deal. At the end of the game, despite bad calls, poor performance, and fantastic displays of athleticism...someone wins and someone loses—end of story.

But in life things get murky. How do you keep score? Should you keep score? Is there even such a thing as winning and losing? And what's the point of the game anyway?

What does winning mean to you?

After coaching thousands of people, I've realized most people don't even know what it means to win or lose in life. This is a major problem.

Lack of clarity about what it means to win in life often contributes to depression, discouragement, and disengagement. Many studies, including this one by Psychology Today, reveal that:

Progress on our goals makes us feel happier and more satisfied with life.


Happiness, joy, and fulfillment are deeply tied to defining the win and then designing the win.

Could you be winning even more?

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Or maybe you already have. In that case, then could you be winning even more? My guess is yes. I think you're underperforming and you have tons more inside you waiting to bust out.

In this episode, I reveal the #1 reason you're not winning as much as you could be.

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