Cross Currents - Series Trailer - Episode 3

Sep 05, 2016, 03:49 PM

The final instalment of Cross Currents (Episode 3, airing Friday September 23rd at 7pm RTÉ Lyric FM, presented by Barry McGovern, pictured above) compares and contrasts the period with today, with contributions from a number of the composers featured in the previous programmes as well as a selection of younger composers who are active today. Roger Doyle will talk about the legacy which he helped create in the field of electronic music and how a whole generation of younger composers have embraced music technology in their work. Jennifer Walshe will discuss her unique path which she has traveled in composition, and will reflect on the theme of experimentalism in new Irish music today and the parallels between it and the earlier period.

Dave Flynn will focus on the use of traditional music in composition and how it has become the focus again for Irish composers in new and exciting ways. While Garrett Sholdice will talk about his life as a young Irish composer and the creation of the music production company, Ergodos, which he co-directs with Benedict Schlepper-Connolly.

The shifting boundaries between musical genres will also be explored with Linda Buckley, who will talk about her own diverse musical interests and how this approach is now characteristic of many younger Irish composers today. The programme shares contributions from some of the younger generation of composers like Amanda Feery and Michael Gallen on where they see themselves fitting in as Irish composers. for more information about the series

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