Cousin Brucie - WABC

Oct 11, 2011, 07:54 PM

When we think of American music radio, this is what we think of. The likes of Bruce Morrow: 'Cousin Brucie'.

From his early days in Bermuda, off to New York in 1959. It was there - on the great '77 - WABC' that we know him best. Not surprisingly maybe, it was Brucie they chose to introduce the Beatles on stage at the Shea Stadium.

WABC was his home for 13 years, before moving to WNBC and a host of other stations.

He is a true US American award-winning favourite, still hosting programmes on Sirius satellite radio. In 1994, he earned his own street, when West 52nd Street became 'Cousin Brucie Way'.

Hear him here, sounding huge - yet also strangely personal. That way of projecting whilst not shouting. Totally feelgood. That wall of sound. That slight echo, and that way of talking right through the jingle vocals in a way which works. Over here, maybe just Blackburn retains his DNA.