WJBC This Week, 9-10-16

Sep 09, 2016, 06:02 PM

Welcome to WJBC This Week, where we look back at the top stories and interviews from the past week. On this week's program, More busing problems in Unit 5. We'll hear from the superintendent and a parent who says he has lost faith in the school district and the busing company. How can Hillary Clinton be unpopular but still lead in many polls for the presidential race? We'll talk to the author of 'Hillary Clinton in the News.' Corrections officers in Illinois are undergoing mental health training amid concerns that it's making them less safe. We'll talk to the head of the department of Corrections. McLean County sees a rise in suicides. We talk to the coroner. Plus, we take you back to a roast for 'The Dean,' Central Catholic's John Snyder.