The one where we argue about accents with Mikey Hughes

Sep 11, 2016, 08:01 PM

Accents- great or grating? In this episode Luke and Lucy dissect some of their favourite accents. Luke reveals how shallow he really is when it comes to someone’s voice over their looks. Luke and Lucy discuss how and why someone’s accent can define them. Luke accuses Lucy of trying to shake off her Wigan accent. Luke reveals all about a ringtone he once created. Lucy defends Liverpool accents and Luke explains the word ‘shirk’ to Lucy. Plus Luke gets one of his best friends, Big Brother UK 2008 runner up Mikey “The Blinder” Hughes on the phone to discuss why accents are the most important thing to him. Mikey explains why he doesn’t actually like his fellow native accent. Mikey airs his thoughts on the Loose Women’s acid stomachs, Marnie from Geordie Shore’s tongue and Stephen Bear’s Essex slang. Luke and Lucy also learn about Mikey’s theory on Janet Street-Porter’s accent and the real truth behind Cindy dolls!

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