I Eat Cats (Cos I'm Asian)

Oct 13, 2011, 03:43 PM, United States

So one day, I was walking down the sidewalk, like a normal human being Cos I ain't a cat, you know? But anyway, I was walking and all of a sudden, I heard footsteps. At first, I thought of them as nothing, and just kept walking. To be honest, I thought they may have been...pawsteps... you know, like from a cat. But after what seemed like ten minutes, I started to become anxious What the fuck was behind me? Was it human? was it cat? Was it some- thing worth turning around for? Reason why I was worried was because I passed about ten blocks already, and those damn footsteps kept ranging about. Was I turning paranoid? Am I going insane? I'm going to look behind me when I reach the next block, I told myself And I did. And boy, I wished I had sooner, for what laid in my gaze was the most booti-and I mean booty-full dame I've ever laid my peepers on She had thighs so thick, I could just put hot sauce on them and gobble away. Which I did. Cannibalism! #cannibalism #cats #creepy #dame #food #funny #girl #girls #hungry #lady #stalker #stalkerish

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