Louise Keshaviah- Agent of Brown Change

Sep 13, 2016, 06:50 PM

Louise Keshaviah is a caucasian woman dedicated to the brown cause. So dedicated, in fact, that she is Arjun's agent. So SO dedicated, in fact, that she recorded an interview with us a year ago, then came back when audio errors ruined the first one. So tune in as we speak to agent and Political Correctness Powerhouse Louise Keshaviah talk to us about the ways in which people of color (mainly the South Asian ones) are under and mis-represented in the entertainment industry, the marriage to a South Asian man that sparked her activist streak, her trips to India, and the inside secrets she's learned about brown people (much to Akaash's chagrin). We wrap up the discussion with how she would raise her kids (of course), and her relationship with her identity.