Pantisocracy - Episode 5 - Panti Bliss on Empathy

Sep 14, 2016, 09:02 AM

An excerpt from #Pantisocracy Episode 5 'That's How The Light Gets in' with Panti talking about how adversity builds empathy. - Airing Tuesday 20th September at 10pm on RTE Radio 1 - More at

Host Miss Panti Bliss invites her guests into the Pantisocracy parlour for the ‘cabaret of conversations’ exploring how we learn and grow. Panti opens with a Panti Monologue sharing her own experience. In this episode, psychologist and youth mental health advocate Tony Bates shares the floor with children’s author Siobhan Parkinson, who says not being able to read books is the worst part for her in losing her sight.

Nanoscientist Jessamyn Fairfield talks about her unusual childhood growing up in Los Alamos New Mexico – Home of the Atomic Bomb and why scientists need to embrace comedy to communicate. The guest performers in the episode are Jack O’Rourke and Camille O’Sullivan. Jack sings his song ‘Silence’.

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