Cecilia Garnett, Secretary - AIRC, 1974

Oct 13, 2011, 09:29 PM

The first years of Independent Local Radio (the word 'commercial' was seen as inappropriate) were troubled.

A poor economy and industrial action coupled with tough regulation and simply the industry's newness made for challenging times. The first phase of development only amounted to 19 stations, so the poor UK coverage for the medium was also an issue for national clients.

AIRC, the Association of Independent Radio Contractors (later 'companies') was the trade body for these disparate stations, each owned independently. Cecilia Garnett was Secretary, and she speaks robustly here on the first year's progress. It's fascinating hearing her views on the troubles of that first year - and her views for the future.

Cecilia arrived at the trade body from the regulator, and was challenged later with running some ILR stations herself including a short launch spell at Invicta and Hereward.