Lagaan: Ball So Hard the British Wanna Fine Me

Sep 23, 2016, 04:07 AM

To celebrate the podcast’s first anniversary we reflect on the past year before turning our focus to one of Hindi cinema’s most iconic and celebrated films, Lagaan.

Show Notes:

Happy anniversary to Bollywood is For Lovers and thank you to all of our guests and listeners!

Understanding and appreciating popular cinema versus art house

Western film criticism’s bias by omission towards Bollywood

BBC’s The 21st Century’s 100 greatest films (

Arbitrary markers of cinematic quality

Forbes’ The World’s Highest-Paid Actors 2016 ( (also Erin meant Andy Lau, who doesn’t seem to appear on the list this year, but he did last year)

Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India (

Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (

(INTERVAL (“Chale Chalo (” from Lagaan)

Comparisons to Sergio Leone ( and Akira Kurosawa (, and John Ford (

We’ve been watching Hindi films for a year and can speak a handful of words, but Elizabeth Russell learns Hindi overnight

The team as a microcosm for India

Things that Matt learned about cricket

Songs: “Ghanan Ghanan (,” “Radha Kaise Na Jale (,” “O Rey Chhori (,” and “O Paalanhaare (”

NEXT TIME: We welcome back Danny Bowes ( to discuss Race ( and Race 2 (

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