Ep. 3 - Atlas Obscura shares strange stories from around the world

Sep 23, 2016, 06:32 PM

In a 'Strange' collaboration with Atlas Obscura, the online magazine about the world's hidden wonders, Atlas’ David Plotz, Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras and Ella Morton share weird, true tales from across the globe. You’ll hear about the Japanese monks who mummified themselves while still alive; and the deep, booby-trapped pit on Nova Scotia’s Oak Island that may hold secret treasure. You’ll learn how the crew behind the hit ‘70s TV show 'The Six Million Dollar Man' discovered a corpse in Long Beach, California, with a bizarre past; and about an ‘island of the dead’ south of Venice where an allegedly haunted mental hospital still stands. We’ll tell you how you can sleep in the Massachusetts house where Lizzie Borden may have swung her hatchet or get up close to the real 'Amityville Horror' in New York. And, yes, you’ll even hear about the psychoanalyst in Maine who believed orgasmic energy could control the weather.

Learn more about 'Strange' at strangepod.com and dallasnews.com/strange. Find more weird stories from around the world at atlasobscura.com, including information on Atlas' debut book.