Steve Firth - Embrace

Episode 26,   Sep 30, 2016, 06:00 AM

The frank and honest Steve Firth of Embrace details the “massive peaks and huge troughs” of 20 years in the music industry in an incredible story on Episode 24 of The StageLeft Podcast. Steve talks us through how he went from living in a tent and back of a car to playing the slot on the Pyramid Stage directly before David Bowie’s iconic slot at Glastonbury Festival and how a friendship between Chris Martin of Coldplay & Danny McNamara led to Embrace releasing the top 10 single ‘Gravity’.

Steve also details what it’s like being in a band with “two strong minded brothers”, the bands' close relationship with fans, the composition of classics from their debut album, new material, Secret Gigs and hopes for a 20th Anniversary The Good Will Out tour. #bass #music #musicpodcast #podcast #musicians #bassist #bassists #guitar #guitarist #guitars #guitarists #musiccommentary #drums #drummer #drummers