Oscar Wilde - The Remarkable Rocket - Reading by Brian Gleeson

Sep 27, 2016, 03:40 PM

A series of the readings of Oscar Wilde's Children's stories, recorded as part of #WildeStories .

This story revolves around a pompous firework which believes itself to be the centrepiece of a an elegant wedding. It is a vain, arrogant character who believes itself to be superior to its peers and demonstrates this sophistication by bursting into tears to prove its sensitivity. In doing so it becomes damp and useless and so is subsequently thrown into a ditch the following day.

It is then found by some passing children and tossed into a campfire. Despite being seen by no one, it considers itself to have been an incredible success. Wilde deals with the mature themes of self perception and the concept of reality in a playful manner, allowing readers of all ages to draw insight from this whimsical tale.

Music used throughout this series is composed by Michael Gallen.

More at http://www.wildestories.ie/the-remarkable-rocket.html