Episode 11: Memory Lane

May 06, 2016, 04:53 PM

Hey Duhmericana listeners! As always, thanks so much for tuning in.Rainstorms are a’comin, and with Florida heating up, it brings memories of summertime! We were feeling nostalgic, so together, we took a quick trip down memory lane. From Tamagotchis to Cabbage Patch Kids, from Super Nintendo to Furbies, in this episode we reminisce on our childhoods and how it measures up to kids’ lives today.We have noticed a trend where today’s kids are more interested in STUFF than in good old-fashioned memories. The ice cream truck’s jingle, the playdates in the basements with our cousins, our late summer afternoons under a hot sun far outweigh a cool toy we got one Christmas and broke soon after. With summer coming up, what are your favorite childhood memories? Are there any children in your life? How does it compare to your memories? Sound off on the comments below! Don’t forget to review our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Your review is the biggest and best compliment we can receive!