Episode 10: The Platonic Myth

Apr 26, 2016, 03:05 AM

Hello Duhmericana listeners! This week we have an extra special episode for you. We mentioned at the end of episode 9 that we had a special surprise for you! Listen in this week so you can get to meet our special surprise (hint: Duhmericana wouldn't be the same without these surprises, for sure!) This week is also extra special because we have hit some pretty exciting milestones! We just got verified on Google Play and Stitcher, so all our android listeners can now tune in from the convenience of your phones. We have had a lot of exciting activity on Instagram and have opened up our Facebook page as well for more ways to connect with you.  For this week's episode, have you found yourself in a "friendlationship?" Not really dating but you might as well be? Maybe you've been a victim of friendship fraud. Do you have a bestie of the opposite gender? If yes (and most likely, all of you can answer yes to these!) then this episode will resonate with you. This week we explore the often-asked question: can a guy and girl ever be "just friends?" Tune in, because we have some great insight that you won't want to miss out on.  As always, we have our "Duh!" Moments at the end of the episode, and our Rumor Rundown at the beginning, filling you in on info you might have missed.  P.S. On this episode, we mention Field & Tailor, a blog run by two of our favorite dapper dudes who clue guys in to all things sartorial. Find them here! fieldandtailor.tumblr.com