Episode 3: Appropriate Appropriation

Feb 27, 2016, 02:51 AM

Is appropriation ever appropriate? On this episode of the podcast we discuss the fine line between admiring another culture and adopting it as your own, without having to face the inherent struggles that the natives of that culture face daily. We see many stars appropriate culture in the name of creativity: Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, and the most recent, Beyoncé and ColdPlay. The issue comes when the influence these stars carry doesn’t translate to actually bringing any real attention to the culture. Typically, the culture is a prop or background for an artist. Where some might say “she’s bringing awareness” others might say “my culture is not a costume. Learn the culture first (and what your Coachella headpiece ACTUALLY represents) and remember that your trend is someone else’s lifestyle. Featured on this episode What we're drinking Barefoot Moscato