John Howard introduced 'Recognition' to slash Aboriginal Sovereighty

Oct 04, 2016, 05:11 AM

PM John Howard announced the idea of Recognition in October 2007 because he was worried about the fact that Aboriginal people still maintained their pre-existing and continuing sovereignty over First Nations' territories, lands waters and natural resources. This was bought to his attention some years earlier when PM Robert Menzies, a hero of Howard's, tabled the facts in parliament.

I announce that if I am re-elected, I will put to the Australian people within 18 months a referendum to formally recognise Indigenous Australians in our Constitution, their history as the first inhabitants of our country, their unique heritage of language and culture, and their special, though not separate, place within a reconciled indivisible nation.

My goal is to see a new statement of reconciliation incorporated into the preamble of the Australian Constitution.

If elected, I would commit immediately to working in consultation with Indigenous leaders and others on this task.