Bernardo Cubria- Reppin' the Other Brown

Oct 04, 2016, 06:08 PM

We talk so much about being brown on this show, BUT we aren't the only "brown folk" out there. To that end, we are excited that Bernardo Cubría could come on the show and help us see through the lens of "the other brown folk": Latinos! Bernardo is a Mexican playwright, actor, and robot-fearer. And in what is Akaash and my favorite style of episode, he joins us for a conversation: pure and simple. It is windy and it is messy but it tackles all of the themes you guys love to hear and we love to explore. Starting from how Mexican culture and Desi culture is basically the same, to the issues of diversity within the "Latino" culture, to representation in Hollywood and the arts. It is a show that really tries to find the nuance in recognizing how different we all are, but how we can thrive together regardless. Hope you guys enjoy!