Key focus to bring Tiris Uranium project into production - CEO Interview - Aura Energy

Oct 07, 2016, 12:54 PM

Peter Reeve, Executive Chairman of the newly AIM listed Aura Energy, joins the Tip TV Studio and speaks to Zak Mir, Presenter at Tip TV, regarding the recent acquisitions, the future of Uranium, and the key focus for the company.

Reeve gives a snapshot of Aura Energy, and details the global scope for Uranium and its use in producing Nuclear Energy, specifically nothing China to be among the candidates which can adopt this to address their pollution challenges.

Reeve also discusses the recent acquisition into Gold, Soda Ash and Lithium projects, and how they’ll help mitigate the short-term fluctuations via these new acquisitions.

When quipped about the major drivers ahead, Reeve maintains that the current focus for Aura Energy remains on bringing its Tiris Uranium Project into production, which not only has a low capital cost, but also low operating cost. Aura Energy is targeting a 100Mlb Uranium resource in the region.