10/10/2016 The Joel Blank Show Hour 2

Oct 10, 2016, 08:13 PM

The guys begin the second hour discussing when will we see Houston Texans backup QB Tom Savage play? Was paying QB Brock Osweiler $72 million a mistake? Who is it to blame with the Texans? Joel believes Rick Smith because what we’ve seen from the Texans isn’t good enough. The team has good guys as leaders, the QB has to be the leader, on special teams it has to be Nick Novak, their gunners and Jon Weeks, and on offense you have Duane Brown. They discuss how you don’t want to hear “Its on me” from the coach when your players perform like that. The coach isn’t the one making plays out there and hitting other players. Former Texans Offensive Lineman Chester Pitts joins the show and says its not all on Brock Osweiler because the Wide Receivers and Tight Ends have to read the defensive sets right and they have to know which option route to run. It all mixes together between the offensive line, wide receivers and QB. #HoustonTexans #TomSavage #BrockOsweiler