10/11/2016 The Joel Blank Show Hour 2

Oct 11, 2016, 08:19 PM

The guys begin the second hour asking if Houston Texans QB Brock Osweiler is a flop already? The Texans can cut him after two seasons if he ends up being a flop. Joel believes the Texans are good enough around him with weapons but there’s no one to go to if not Brock Osweiler. The wide receivers aren’t on the same page either with their routes, the offensive line isn’t good, he’s being rushed into throwing the ball, but some of the blame is on is on Brock with him throwing those picks and the offensive line needs work. Barry believes the Texans should not fire Bill O’Brien because they’re not doing bad, they’re 3-2 and have a winning record, he’s not 0-5. They continue the conversation of whether Head Coach Bill O’Brien is on the hot seat. #HoustonTexans #BrockOsweiler #BillOBrien #NFL