Lakshmi Sridaran- South Asians Leading Together

Oct 12, 2016, 06:40 PM

This past spring, Arjun and I spent three days in our nation's capital. To nobody's surprise, we got the opportunity to speak with a number of intelligent, eloquent, advocacy minded individuals. To that end, we were blessed to speak with Lakshmi Sridaran, the director of National Policy and Advocacy of SAALT- South Asian Americans Leading Together. We speak to her about the origins of her organizations, what their mission is, and how that mission manifests itself on a day to day basis. We also learn about some of the issues facing our community we were previously unenlightened upon- such as the undocumented South Asian population and the importance of the census. We also asked how she came into this field after getting a Master's in City Planning. Last, we are informed about things we can do to help (which is one of many phenomenal questions asked by Arjun). So tune in for an enlightening and inspiring episode!