The Gift of Understanding

Oct 13, 2016, 04:45 PM

Guest: Chuck Huber

Latin student and host Zahra Hasanian says condemnant quod non intellegunt 'They condemn because they do not understand' . First time host Maria Wong understands the importance of communication and is excited to host this program. Jack Pawlakos starts off the show with HealthRap as when it comes to your health, understanding of your medical condition or illness, and your understanding of the treatment for that condition is paramount. The fun begins when actor, director, and anime voice talent Chuck Huber visits with his numerous impressions, voices, and insights on working in films, TV, plays, voice-overs, video games, and Japanese anime. Despite his substantial contemporary works, he’s a big fan of Shakespeare. Reporter Joven Hundal shares fascinating facts about the many geniuses who weren’t understood during their time such as Vincent Van Gogh. Do you think there are many talented individuals living today who are not compensated but will one day be a legend?

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