#090 - ELIXIR Project: We are the authorities

Oct 17, 2016, 12:36 AM

What advice is breaking you?

Who's giving you orders? Is that advice benefitting you or breaking you? How can you know for sure?

=> What advice is making you?

You must decide what advice shapes you. You are the authority. More on this topic in the first part of the episode.

We find Sienna taking it.

In the second part of the episode, Sienna and her friends discover they can't run to the authorities for help. Here's why:

"Either of you care to explain why you had to drug us?” Chloe asks. “Walking out the front entrance of the airport would have been a little less…traumatic.”

“Couldn’t,” McNultey replies. “We received confirmed reports of more SWARM agents at the airport. And the board gave us strict orders about transporting all twelve clerics safely.”

“And we’re supposed to believe you?” Chloe asks. “I’ve already snapped photos of you with my ring. Who says we’re not going to turn both of you in to the authorities on charges of kidnapping?”

“Authorities,” McNultey laughs. “Did you hear that, Kiran? Young lady, you’re going to find out real quickly something you’d better never forget. We are the authorities. And someday you’ll look back and thank us for ‘kidnapping’ you. SWARM knows you twelve clerics are valuable, and that’s why they’re after you.”

Sienna knows the only way to discover the truth is right through the fog.

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