Kilkenny Foodcamp debate


The indomitable Mag Kirwan took time out from running Goatsbridge Trout Farm to tell us about an event she has set up with Keith Bohanna for this year's Savour Kilkenny; a veritable Food Fight at 3:30, Newpark hotel, Kilkenny!

Chaired by John McKenna of The Bridgestone Food Guide who will pose this question:

“Traditional Irish Cuisine – an embarrassment of riches or just an embarrassment?”

On the embarrassment side are:

* Suzanne Campbell – Journalist, author and blogger

* Regina Sexton – Author

* Colman Andrews – Journalist and food writer

Speaking up for all that is good about our food heritage are:

* Birgitta Curtin – Burren Smokehouse

* Kevin Sheridan – Sheridan Cheesemongers

* Catherine Cleary – Journalist and food writer

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Oct 24, 2011, 11:18 AM
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