Open the Voice Gate (Episode 10): Hot Shingo On Shachi Action

Oct 17, 2016, 08:37 PM

We're back with a brand new edition of Open the Voice Gate!

John and Jules are joined by our special guest co-host Michael Spears of the DG podcast Inside the Gate. Together the three discuss the 10/12 Korakuen show, a very newsworthy event featuring the end of a unit, multiple turns, and more.

We also discuss baseball, the Cleveland Indians' racist logo, Marine Le Pen, John's haunted new computer strikes again, and (yes) the fucking US election. Where else can you find that variety of topics? Well, obviously nowhere. But seriously we somehow do 2 straight hours on this Korakuen hall show, the fallout, Naruki Doi's previous babyface runs, and your Twitter questions, so enjoy!