The Storytellers, Episode 3: Behind the Monumental film

Oct 19, 2016, 11:34 PM

Last winter, Powder sent athletes, filmmakers from KGB Productions, and photographers to five National Parks—Yellowstone, Olympic, Glacier, Yosemite, and Grand Teton—to celebrate their 100th Anniversary while highlighting the amazing skiable terrain and solitude that can only be found in these treasured places during the winter.

In this special episode of "The Storytellers" podcast, presented by Powder Radio, host Sam Taggart interviews a cast of characters that helped make Powder's first feature-length film come to life. Executive Producer John Stifter touches on the crucial historical details that made it into the final cut, while Director and co-founder of KGB Productions, Chris Kitchen, discusses how the film provides essential advocacy for our National Parks.

"The film is about getting out, celebrating our public lands, utilizing them, and preserving them," says Kitchen. "As skiers—as users of public lands—we have to be vocal in our advocacy for these places."

Athletes Kalen Thorien and Griffin Post share the lasting impressions this project has left on them as skiers.

"I'm blown away by the National Parks in the winter because you go to these places like Yosemite, Grand Teton, and Glacier in the summer, and it's like Disneyland with canned adventures. Six months later... it's completely deserted. You're just in Disneyland and nobody else is there," says Post.

Finally, Scott Rinckenberger, a photographer on the Yellowstone and Olympic trips, talks about swimming naked and the challenges that come with taking pictures in such wild, unforgiving places.

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