Episode 20: Mini Milestones

Oct 20, 2016, 09:52 PM

Hello Duhmericana listeners and welcome to another milestone episode, the big 2-0! Thanks for sticking around as we maneuver the podcast world.

Speaking of which, we thought this would be a great episode in which to update all of you as to where Duhmericana is now. Though each episode might feel slightly similar, us sitting down and taking some time to visualize where we started and where we are now allowed us to see that we've come a long way! From upgrading equipment to tweaking our media, Duhmericana strives to get better week by week.

For instance, this week we introduced our new occasional segment where we unbox merchandise from some of our partners and affiliates! This week we got some nifty items from our friends at Ecocentric Mom.

How long have you been following us? Have you noticed our changes? What would YOU like to see and hear from us? Sound off below!

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