Why is my curriculum white?

Oct 23, 2016, 11:00 PM

Did you know that Winston Churchill promoted genocide? Or that Oxford university was part funded by Cecil Rhodes, a man who left his money to further the extension of the British rule and to perfect colonisation? Neither did we. That’s why this month we asked three guests one not-so-simple question: why is my curriculum white? Or in other words, why is my curriculum male, pale and stale?

Mariya, a current sabbatical officer at Kings College London, tells us how this is an issue that affects more than just the fortunate few who make it to university, and that a British history is not necessarily a white history (@mariyahussain1).

Next up is undergraduate officer at University of Sussex, Savannah. Savannah describes how destructive a non-diverse curriculum can be and how a colonial curriculum is not just limited to Britain (@UGEducationUSSU).

And last but by certainly no means least is ex sabbatical officer of UCL, Leah, who was part of the founding movement asking the question “Why is my curriculum white?”. Leah explains what it’s like to be a mixed race person in a university founded by eugenicists, and forces us to question the white-washed history we’ve all been taught (@leahfrancis93).

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