Market roundup – Focus on big bank’s quarterly earnings – Tip TV

Oct 24, 2016, 01:46 PM

In the opening segment of today’s Finance show Richard Hunter, Head of Research at Wilson King Investment Management, cites banking sector earnings in UK and US as main factor that could guide the stock market activity. Hunter is joined by Tip TV’s Nick Batsford and Zak Mir.

Key points

Britain’s bank to reveal solid Q3 results, warn of Brexit storm ahead

Cable – Could remain around 1.20. People are forgetting Euro side is equally if not more weak

FTSE100 – is seen flat to positive

S&P- Bullish long-tails on candle. Matter of time before the index breaks higher

US elections – There is 90% probability as per statisticians of Clinton winning elections. But never say never (Trump victory) as Brexit referendum taught us.

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