The one where we get chased with Anne Hegerty

Oct 30, 2016, 09:01 PM

Quiz shows- quiz novice or quiz master? In this episode Luke and Lucy share their love of quiz shows from yesteryear. Lucy learns about the controversial Who Wants to Be a Millionaire moment to Luke fixing a card game against his sister. Luke learns why Lucy was scared by The Weakest Link and reveals the world’s top ten biggest quiz shows. Plus quiz queen and star of ITV’s The Chase, Anne Hegerty is on the phone to make a surprising confession about what her favourite quiz show is and shares what it’s like behind the scenes on the nation’s most popular quiz show. Luke wants to know how Anne became so clever, Lucy wants to know how to become a Chaser and Anne shares what she did before landing her dream TV job. The chase is on as Lucy goes head to head against Anne in a quiz duel!

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