Halloween II: Bollywood’s Scream Queen, Bipasha Basu

Episode 29,  Oct 28, 2016, 04:09 AM

To get us in the Halloween spirit, we look at two horror films starring Bollywood’s reigning scream queen Bipasha Basu.

Show Notes:

We are now available on Indian iTunes Thanks to Tilottama Biswas for the review Horror as a niche genre Planet Money Episode 650: The Scariest Thing in Hollywood Scream Queens Bipasha Basu Should we review Bollywood workout videos? Creature 3D Imran Abbas as a fake Booker Prize winning writer Don’t be the guy that brings the guitar to the party The creature is a Brahmaraksha, we have no idea if this is a real legend or not (the Wendigo is!) The creature’s design and roar Kathy Gibson’s review INTERVAL (”Katra Katra” from Alone)

Alone Karan Singh Grover as Bips’ on-screen (and off-screen) husband Bipasha Basu’s skin is flawless How to film a exorcism without objectifying the possessed woman Bollywood Bloodbath and “He Meet Me In The Guest House” Conjoined twins; real life is a lot more frightening than this film NEXT TIME: We welcome Shah Shahid of Blank Page Beatdown and the Split Screen Podcast to discuss Randeep Hooda

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