The Mothman (Part 2)

Oct 28, 2016, 05:13 AM

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Mothman! Well, we're pretty sure "Mothman" isn't any of those things, neither a moth nor a man, or some unholy combination of the two. If the descriptions by over 100 witnesses are accurate and the symptoms of seeing such a sight are related, then whatever this creature is, it's abilities may go beyond even what is considered possible for an earthly cryptid. Magical flight, a burning, mesmerizing gaze, and haunting dreams are some of his reported traits, but is clairvoyance also one of them? What if Mothman knew your fate, but wasn't capable or allowed to tell you? And for an even bigger stretch of the imagination, what if Scott goes "off the chain" in this episode? Now, this may all seem like silly balderdash to your sophisticated and skeptical nature, but what kind of hosts would we be if we couldn't deliver a tale of a real monster in time for Samhain? After all, it is Halloween.

Tonight's Quote:

“UFO’s do not seem to exist as tangible, manufactured objects. They do not conform to the accepted natural laws of our environment. They seem to be nothing more than transmogrifications tailoring themselves to our ability to understand."

— John A. Keel, author of The Mothman Prophecies

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