Market Roundup: ‘Hard’ Brexit and stock picks - Tip TV

Nov 01, 2016, 01:37 PM

Will a ‘Hard’ Brexit be hard on the UK economy? Pro-EU camp says so while the pro-Brexit camp feels the other way. The UK data released in the post referendum world suggests pro-Brexit camp may be right.

However, concerns that UK banks and financial services industry would feel the heat of a ‘hard’ Brexit still persist. Moreover, UK runs a finance trade surplus, which currently is at record highs.

Alan Green, CEO of Brand Communications says the UK’s finance trade surplus is unlikely to feel the heat of the ‘Hard’ Brexit. He says the optimism in the post Brexit world is at the highest as per Lloyds survey.

Green also details the technical and fundamental outlook for the Watchstone Group (WTG), BP, Royal Dutch Shell ‘B’ (RDSB). Green is joined by Tip TV’s Zak Mir.

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