Lauren from Catching Kelce, Gen X vs Millennial, Fastest Weddings: SHOWcast 11/02/2016

Nov 03, 2016, 01:50 AM

From #TheShowKC: the Cubs are playing tonight for all the marbles. It's still too early for Christmas music. Shaylee is walking on air after talking to her new guy. The plotting of Shaylee's non-existent wedding continues. What do we spend 80 minutes per day doing? The Show is really good at this thing, by the way. We attempt to find the couple that went from meeting to wedding the fastest. Listen to find out how Craigslist fit into that. Lauren from Catching Kelce calls in to talk about the new episode showing tonight on E! She fills us in on Travis away from the cameras, while Jen tries to pry information out of her, to no avail. Shaylee plays against a listener in another edition of Gen-X vs Millennial...where she racks up the huge score of zero. Nada. She knows nothing. Various listener e-mails are read about #Christmas music. Opinion is split between those who want us to wait and others who want the station to flip right now. KU basketball started their season last night. Jen and Truta realize that, of the 3 of The Show members, Shaylee has met the most celebrities. She is always backstage meeting some artists.