Pound is undervalued, Gold could suffer in GBP terms – Newscape Capital Group

Nov 03, 2016, 03:17 PM

“Pound is undervalued”, says Charlie Morris from Newscape Capital group while presenting the outlook for the British Pound, US dollar, Gold and Bitcoin on today’s London open show. Morris is interviewed by Presenter Jenny Hammond and Tip TV Presenter Zak Mir.

Will gold generate the kind of stellar returns seen in 70s and 80s? – Watch the full segment

Key points

Pound is fundamentally undervalued. Should be at 1.30 and could go to 1.50 after political crisis is out of the way High court ruling on Brexit is likely to be challenged in the Supreme court Brexit vote would win by a bigger margin if the referendum is held again Peak dollar theme is likely to start to come through Gold – dollar weakness is supportive for gold Bitcoin is a good asset, is up above 70% this year

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