Truta Hits The Quan, Travis Kelce, Our Best Winner Of All Time: SHOWcast 11/07/2016

Nov 08, 2016, 03:55 AM

From #TheShowKC...the aftermath of our staff "Girls Night Out" on Friday. Jen loves to watch The Weather Channel with her cat in her down time. The Show chose their winner of the American Music Awards trip to Hollywood and she was our best of all time. Cindy and her husband, Mark, are so excited to go! She can't wait to see Sting. Travis Kelce drew the ire of officials during this weekend's Chiefs game by throwing his towel at the ref. Kelce is known for "hitting the quan" after a touchdown, so Truta attempts this dance move. Later on in the show he even watches a tutorial from YouTube. This doesn't help, but it sure does make good video (make sure to check them out on our Facebook and Twitter pages!). The Cubs visited SNL. Tomorrow is Election Day (thank goodness!). A list of the biggest lies spouses tell each other. The Show wants to do the Mannequin Challenge.