Ep. 37 Creative Strategy with Crystal McFerran

Nov 11, 2016, 08:39 PM

Brad Post, Create the Movement, host Crystal McFerran, Creative Strategy Partners, guest

Brad Post, Create the Movement, host: Welcome back to Create the Movement podcast. This is Brad Post, and I’m very excited today to be speaking to my new friend, if we can be new friends Crystal, Crystal McFerran. Crystal how are you doing today? Crystal McFerran, Creative Strategy Partners: I’m doing great. Thank you. BP: Good. Good. I think we connected through social media. You’re down in Dallas, correct? CM: That is correct. BP: And we’re very much in the similar industries and we connected earlier this week. And I boldly asked you to be on my podcast, and you boldly said, “Yes.” That was last week. Wasn’t it? CM: That was last week.

Background BP: You have a very interesting story that I wanted to get – as far as marketing. The things that you’re doing, the things that you have done. Just very impressed. And if you want to just start out by telling your story. Or, how did you get into marketing? CM: Okay. I knew from a pretty young age that I wanted to pursue a career in marketing or advertising. I think it was initially driven by a creative urge. But, more and more over the years, I became passionate about marketing because it’s all about relationships. I’ve always been interested, and intrigued by, psychology and relationships. And what it boils down to in marketing is knowing who you need to connect with and then building a relationship by providing value. And I think that it’s really evolved over the years. Particularly through social media. Marketing’s still creating and engaging, of course. But it’s deeper than that. And it’s become a way for companies to communicate with vast amounts of people in a personal way. BP: Perfect. Perfect. So, tell us about your career within marketing. CM: Okay. I started out in a traditional corporate marketing area working for Hewlett Packard and Accor. And I did that for about thirteen years. And then a few years ago I really felt the urge to start my own company. And it was something that I’d always wanted to do, and I didn’t ever feel like there was a right time. I was doing some consulting on the side. And I just decided, “Okay. I’m going to do this full time. I’m going to dive in, and see what happens.” BP: And you said you started about three years ago? CM: I did. It was about three years ago. And then then my second year into the business I was approached by another, a little bit larger, digital marketing company here in Dallas. And they were interested in acquiring the company. And so, it wasn’t something that I was really actively seeking. Or, that I even expected. And I felt like it was a great opportunity, and so I did it. And I stayed on for about a year with them. And I recently started another company on my own. BP: Was that emotional? I know you said you spent two years growing the business, putting your heart and soul into it. Was it hard emotionally? CM: To start over? BP: No. Just to sell it. Or, to be able CM: You know, it wasn’t. It was a really positive experience. I was excited about having more resources and working with a larger company that I felt shared a vision. And so I was really excited about the opportunity. BP: That’s awesome. And so you stayed on for a year. And during that time did you take any time off between starting the new company? Travelled I think? CM: Travel is my passion and so I did do some travelling to other countries. I’ve currently been five continents, 27 countries, and so, obviously, it’s something that I get really excited about. I try not take extended time periods off. The great thing about technology today is that you can work from anywhere in the world. And so, even when I was in Thailand, for example, it’s a thirteen-hour time difference, I was still able to keep things going. BP: That’s awesome. I totally agree with technology. So, out of the 27 countries, do you have a favorite place besides Dallas, Texa...