KEEP IT 100 GIRL - EPISODE 60 - Orange is the New Black. He's Not My President

Nov 12, 2016, 11:20 AM

What Minority America is thinking? A lot of us are not ready to make nice just yet, but the good thing is we’ve formed stronger alliances among each other with trying to stay positive and seeing what positive things can come from this transition of government.

We shouldn’t be laughing either while Trump is he’s bringing his circus in the ring. He needs make people feel comfortable who felt and continue to feel uncomfortable. Its hard to be excited about our futures. it really is.

We have to heal now or start. We are more deeply divided more than ever. Trump is President. We all equal in rights and dignity. Cherish our minority values Trump and your team and those 52% defend them. That will make your America great again. This orange is your new black. My new black is transitioning out of office.


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