The Chief, starring Nigel Planer - Radio Play [Comedy]

Nov 15, 2016, 12:37 PM

As recent events have revealed, the most important character in Downing Street is not the PM but the cat, in this case Chief Mauser OSCAR, the furriest of all Civil Servants, the witty and opinionated observer of all events inside and outside, keenly commenting on the previous reign as the ousted PM is preparing to leave, making way for a very new regime. Wonderfully indiscreet, Oscar reveals all….

Written by Oliver Cookson

Starring Nigel Planer, Rachel Atkins, Stephen Critchlow, Gerard McDermott, Simon Kane, Greg Page, Pip Brignall, Holly Morgan, Zalie Burrow.

Directed by Cherry Cookson Editing and post production by Malcolm Thorp Music by Izzy Herschmann

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