Keertana and Pallavi Sastry- Sisterhood

Season 1, Episode 105,   Nov 16, 2016, 06:55 PM

As we realize post election the importance of making sure we are listening to more points of views and cultivating a more true diversity, it is even more exciting to drop this week's episode. Akaash and I are dudes, and in a lot of way brothers. So we brought on two people who felt truly antithetical: sisters! Meet Keertana and Pallavi Sastry. These two Texan ladies joined us in June in LA to talk about the sister relationship and how it has evolved for them throughout their life. They chart the many shifts along the way that have made them similar and the moments that caused them to diverge. We also get to hear their experience post 9/11 and how they each ended up responding quite differently. Please join us to hear about one of the most important -hoods: Sisterhood