Debt addicted world cannot withstand a sharp rise in bond yields – Nicole Elliott

Nov 24, 2016, 03:42 PM

“The world is awash with debt and cannot withstand a sharp rise in the bond yields”, says Nicole Elliott while talking about the bond market sell-off and the resulting rise in the yields post Trump victory. No major economy in the world has decreased its debt to GDP ratio since 2007… and now rate rises are very much on the cards following Donald Trump’s election victory, since he is expected to pursue fiscal policies which are highly inflationary. Check out the full segment where Nicole Elliott, Technical Analyst and Private Investor, discusses whether the financial market stability is at risk due to the sharp rise in the bond yields. Elliott draws parallels between the previous bouts of a sharp rise in the yields and the resulting impact on the equities/economy and the sharp spike seen in the yields seen today.

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