21.4 - The Flight of the Silver Swan

Nov 28, 2016, 02:00 PM

21.4 "The Flight of the Silver Swan" from our Strange Anatomy show performed live at The Slipper Room in Manhattan on 10/30/16

A young woman imprisoned in a horribly deformed body discovers a mysterious hidden talent.

Also featuring a live musical performance by Martina DaSilva

Featured in the cast: Ali Silva as Tammy Mary Murphy as Jessie Eirik Davey Gislason as John Bill Heidrich as Dan Ansel Annabelle Rollison as Mrs. Ansel James Rieser as Foster Kenny Michael Pate as Eddie

Original story and radio play by Silbin Sandovar Directed by Annabelle Rollison Podcast production by Ali Silva, Greg Russ and Daniel Graves

Musical score improvised by Jason Yeager Theme music by Jason Graves Associate producer and sound designer Greg Russ

Production Coordinator Dalia Mazal Production assistant Brontis Shane Orengo

Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez, Ali Silva, Daniel Graves & Rebecca Graves for Fireside Mystery Productions

Copyright 2016 Fireside Mystery Productions

http://www.firesidemysterytheatre.com @firesidemystery

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