Italian referendum could increase risk of Euro fragmentation – JML

Nov 29, 2016, 03:29 PM

“Italian referendum scheduled on Sunday is the single biggest event risk facing the market”, says John Mills, Chairman of JML, while discussing heightened political risks across Europe. He is joined by Presenter Jenny Hammond and Alan Green, CEO of Brand Communications.

A no vote victory in the Italian referendum could lead to general elections that may see the Five Star movement come out victorious. It would have bad ramifications for the Euro project, says Mills.

That Anti-establishment wave is taking over the advanced world is a well known fact. But ever wonder why the masses roll their eyes with exasperation when it comes to voting for the ‘establishment’. The part of the answer is globalization… Watch the full segment to know why.

Mills also says that US President Elect Donald Trump is likely to support the likes of Brexit.

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