Dev Anand’s Bombay Noir with Neale Barnholden

Episode 31,  Nov 30, 2016, 05:23 AM

To celebrate the end of #Noirvember, we welcome fellow Edmonton cinephile and podcaster Neale Barnholden to discuss two classic Bollywood films noir starring Dev Anand.

Show Notes: Thank you Ryan Currie! Neale on Twitter (, Witch, Please (, and Plot Device ( Matt and Erin want all films to feature singing and dancing dogs The Pacific Cinematheque ( Film Noir ( #Noirvember ( Dev Anand ( Shah Shahid’s piece at Indian Screen ( Guru Dutt ( Erin misread her notes: Dutt directed Jaal, the film that he and Anand acted in together is Hum Ek Hain

INTERVAL (“Suno Gajar Kya Gaye (” from Baazi)

Baazi ( Deviations from Hollywood Noir conventions Venetian blinds and dutch angles ( A hearty handshake and kissing in Bollywood ( A modern and progressive woman The opening song: “Sharmaye Kahe Ghabraye Kahe (” the umbrella song: “Dekh Ke Akeli Mohe Barkha (” C.I.D. ( Anand as a detective vs. Anand as a gambler The femme fatale ( Getting out of the city Johnny Walker ( and his flying hat Tonal shifts and differences Bollywood cops are always corrupt Smoking in Bollywood

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