Postcards From Sea - John Herlig sails the world aboard Ave del Mar

Nov 30, 2016, 06:28 AM

Three years ago, in a boatyard in Reedville, Virginia, John Herlig stumbled across a tatty old sailboat called Ave del Mar. On the surface, she was in pretty poor shape but her bones were good and John saw great potential. Slowly, painstakingly, John brought Ave back to life and now they have embarked on a voyage around the world. This is a story about second chances and about how an unexpected discovery led to a new lease of life for both a 1967 Rawson 30' cutter and her former restaurateur owner. John’s quick wit and infectious humour made him a favourite among Boat Radio listeners when he was featured in The Life Aquatic. Now he’s back with his own series, introducing the people he meets and the places he visits as he and Ave explore the world together.