11/30/2016 The Joel Blank Show Hour 3

Nov 30, 2016, 10:01 PM

The last hour of the Joel Blank Show begins with Joel, Barry, and Keenan discussing their thoughts on how social media has also had its impact on the NFL franchise overall, as well as Keenan’s opinion on how some of the players would act differently when an owner of the franchise would appear during practices/games. The show continues with Joel, Barry, and Keenan’s opinions on how important it is to be careful of what a person puts out on social media, because it’s not something that a person can ever erase. The hour ends with Joel, Barry, and Keenan discussing who they think will be hired as the new head coach for the Oregon Ducks, who just recently fired Mark Helfrich after four seasons. Also, they discuss the Houston Cougars situation right now with losing head coach Tom Herman to the Texas Longhorns. #socialmedia #NFL #franchise #impact #OregonDucks #MarkHelfrich #TexasLonghorns #headcoach #TomHerman #HoustonCougars